Price changes for AP Exam

Katie Diab, Staff Writer

In 2017, the price to take an Advanced Placement (AP) Exam was $98  each. Now in 2018, the cost to take each AP Exam is $100, due to College Board changing their price on taking the exams.

The money goes to College Board, and our school keeps a small amount of the proceeds.

“We used to get money from the state to help kids pay those fees, but we don’t receive that funding anymore,” said Brad Brazell , Assistant Principal.

The college board increased the cost for all high schools for anybody taking the AP exam this year. The reason for that is because College Board has received a new administrator. The school pays for part of the exam.

Any student who has a free or reduced lunch, or needs help paying for these fees, will still have to pay 25% for each AP exam taken.

To register for an AP exam, OHS has a new way of registering through a website. There will no longer be a pre-admission. The site for the online AP registration will be provided by