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Students in the Academy of Civic Engagement and Advanced Studies stop for a picture while on a tour of Princeton University.
“Locke and Key” seals the deal
Homophobia spreads with Monkeypox
Concerts canceled in abundance
Bridgette Gass, senior, and Ashish Kaushik, senior, run the Go Green booth at club rush to recruit new members.
Club rush sparks student interest in clubs around campus
Amber Hayden, Staff Writer • August 27, 2022

Recently, students had the opportunity to see all the clubs OHS has to offer at the annual club rush event. Many clubs had booths set...

Sanskriti Shandilya, sophomore, sits for a picture with Youth for Acceptance club members.
OHS Leaders launch clubs with ingenuity
Abby Mills, Photography Editor • April 10, 2022
Ms. Liptow, psychology teacher, diligently prepares for class at her desk.
Ms. Liptow psyches out the system
Ananya Thekkemelepatt, Opinions Editor • May 20, 2022

In recent years, majoring in psychology and the mental health field has become increasingly popular amongst students. Luckily, OHS...

Choir enthusiastically poses after giving an exceptional performance at Boulder Creek.
Choir’s voices charm the OHS community
Victoria Kirova, Features Editor • May 17, 2022

Choir has long been an uplifting and talented group of individuals driven by their love for music, with this year being no exception....

Coach Cassidy Chriest (left), Kaycee Coty, senior, (middle), coach Josh Gibbs (right).
OHS athletes on their collegiate journey
Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor • May 15, 2022

One of the most unique experiences an athlete can get is the ability to play their sport in college. Many student athletes are relieved...

Pelosi speaks during meeting with Taiwanese President, Tsai Ing-wen, right, in Taipei, Taiwan
Tensions in Taiwan: nobody benefits
Cian Ryback, Editorial Chief • September 1, 2022

Tensions in the Taiwan Strait are running high, with the U.S. again taunting China over the Taiwan issue. Beijing says Washington violated...

AZ Primaries leave little hope for future
AZ Primaries leave little hope for future
Abby Mills, Design Chief • September 1, 2022

The main objective for Republican candidates in the recent Arizona primary election was: deny, deny, deny. Candidates appeased the...

“Freshly” served beans in a metal container from the OHS cafeteria.
DVUSD lacks in food quality and nutrition
Blake Lockwood, Guest Writer • May 16, 2022

Deer Valley Unified School District has been spending very little effort or money on the school food. The only reason DVUSD even considered...

Beach volleyball smiles and poses after winning their state title.
OHS beach volleyball brings pride to campus with State Championship
Ananya Thekkemelepatt, Opinions Editor • May 14, 2022

Varsity: As the 2021-2022 school year comes to an end, the OHS varsity beach volleyball girls made sure to make this season filled...

Riley Lauffer, senior, pitches well against Boulder Creek.
OHS softball teams’ progress to success
Aayushi Datta, News Editor • May 14, 2022

Varsity: The experience and talent they possess has contributed to what made the Varsity team so successful this season. They have...

The OHS boys volleyball team in action against Liberty High School.
Boys volleyball jumps into first
Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor • May 13, 2022

OHS, much like many other high schools, prides itself on its sports programs. With an amazing season last year, OHS boys volleyball...

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Volume 20 Issue 4 May 2022
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“Nope” is definitely a yep
Kaitlyn Smitten, Sports Editor • August 25, 2022

Jordan Peele, the writer of infamous movies such as “Us” and “Get Out,” strikes again with his summer sensation “Nope.”...

Song Reviews: Summer 2022
Song Reviews: Summer 2022
Lindsay Steinberg, Copy Chief • May 9, 2022

"As It Was" by Harry Styles  Harry Styles returns to the music scene after his Love on Tour with the release of “As It Was.”...

“Scream” screams disappointment
“Scream” screams disappointment
Victoria Kirova, Features Editor • April 8, 2022

Predictable plotlines, forgettable characters, and unnecessary violence to substitute a lack of originality. What does this describe?...

Death on the Nile, the blood cruise
Death on the Nile, the blood cruise
Aayushi Datta, News Editor • April 3, 2022

Sequel to the Murder on the Orient Express, is the Death on the Nile. Director Kenneth Branagh continues his work over adapting Agatha...