Stugo president aspires to leave a legacy

Denisse Moreno, Staff Writer

As the year is coming to a close, the time has reached for new student body officials and student government delegates to be selected. Matt Hernandez, current student body treasurer, ran unopposed for 2015-2016 student body president.
Hernandez said that he plans to base his leadership on the qualities from past presidents.
“Halen’s attitude, Marco’s confidence, and Lily’s optimism are all things I have admired greatly,” Hernandez said. “I’ve got some big shoes to fill but I have had amazing people to look up to in order to get me here.”
One of the things Hernandez plans to improve on next year is Stugo’s community outreach.
“As a student government, I want us to be more actively involved in the community,” Hernandez said. “There is so much more we can be doing for others around us while also continuing to make our school spirit soar to what it is.”
Hernandez has high expectations for the Stugo delegates next year and believes that determination will lead to success.
“The late nights, early mornings, and expensive costs of spirit weeks can toll on people but motivation trumps all of that,” Hernandez said. “Wanting to get something done and being determined to execute it successfully is all you can ask of someone in this position.”
Although he ran unopposed, Stugo members have no doubts that Hernandez will exceed the expectations of his position.
“I think Matt is going to be a wonderful president,” said Jennifer Galbreath, Stugo advisor. “He is level-headed, calm, cool, and collected. He doesn’t just blurt things out to be heard. Instead, he waits to hear all the ideas, options, and reasons before making his decisions or providing his input.”
As the only returning student body member, Hernandez has no doubts that the new student body officials will “perform any less than those who have more experience leading a committee.”
Hernandez said he “feels at ease knowing the incoming members are perfect fits for the offices they were elected to.”matt-cutoutsDenisse Moreno