Girls soccer scores a successful season


Photo by Victoria Kirova

Girls soccer discusses strategies to continue their success.

Victoria Kirova, Features Editor


Following the conclusion of the OHS soccer season, girls soccer is able to feel proud about what they have accomplished. With a final record of 9-7, and the opportunity to play in the first round of the playoffs, after a huge win in the play-in game, varsity left everything they had to offer out on the field. 

Although varsity ended up losing in the playoffs against Pinnacle, with a score of 1-0, they played an impressive game and even had to play almost the entire second half with one less player due to a red-card. With all the success that this team has had, the question arises about how many years these talented individuals have put into becoming masters at their sport. 

“I started playing soccer at the age of three. I think my mom and dad wanted to get me in some sort of sport. Get me involved in things. And ever since I fell in love with the game, and just continued to play. Every time I step out onto that field, I feel a sense of ease and peace and joy,” said Taylor Bertsch, senior. 

Playing any sport requires a lot of work and responsibility; however, supporting each other and uplifting everybody on the team aids in allowing everyone to be successful.

“I’d say we had a few ups and downs. We had to continue to work through them, but overall I think we did very well, we worked as a team. It’s the best group of girls I think I’ve ever worked with. We were all very close and just did well together,” Bertsch said. 

While working on a team provides valuable life skills that can not be received elsewhere, sometimes boundaries stunt the growth of a team. This is shown through the issue that players believe they had this season. 

“As a team, probably our communication. Sometimes we don’t communicate well so then we don’t play well. We need communication to win,” said Alexandra Knudson, sophomore.

With sports, sometimes it can be challenging to stay motivated. Thankfully, players are able to recognize the reason that they stuck with their sport, and continue working diligently to be the best they can be. 

“I think it’s just fun. When you step out on the field, you get to forget about everything else that’s going on in life, so I think it kind of helps with dealing with other parts of the crazy world that we live in,” said Rece Grant, junior. 

Sometimes, it is difficult to realize how much time has passed from when a player first started playing the sport. That is why it is important to take a moment and reflect on how far each player has come. 

“I would tell little Taylor that she’s very proud of herself in the way that she is today. I would say to continue to be strong, and don’t let not starting, or not playing, define you. Continue to work hard because it will all work out eventually and you’ll be at the top one day,” Bertsch said. 

Overall, this year was a great one for the Varsity team. They grew closer as a team, made life-long memories, and connected over their shared love for soccer. 

“Being able to connect the ball with people, and score, and celebrate with everyone, is a feeling you don’t get in a lot of places,” Knudson said. 


The JV team also put in the work to ensure they had a prosperous season, totaling a final record of 8-1-3. They are able to look back on this year and feel as though they worked hard to be successful out on the field. 

The first part of playing a sport is being genuinely excited to come to practice each day, and make sure that there is a reason for all of your hard work. This starts with being motivated to achieve your greatest dreams within the sport. 

“I was so excited when I made it [the team]. This has been a goal that I’ve set for myself, to make the school soccer team when I’m in high school,” said Amaya Kelly, freshman. 

JV has been able to experience an incredible season. Especially for the new members of the team, who were able to receive many benefits from this year.

“It’s been great. Our games were amazing, we played great, I’ve made amazing friends. Overall, as an experience with soccer and relationship building, it was awesome,” Kelly said. 

A large part of being successful on a team comes from having a great coach. Thankfully, the team was not deprived of having such an inspirational leader. 

“I really like when I have a good coach, and thankfully, I have a really good soccer coach. She definitely pushed me to keep going with it because I had times when I didn’t want to do it anymore,” said Zoee Hardwick, sophomore. 

Unfortunately, with working alongside others, comes a fear of failure. However, on the soccer team this year, this feeling was less common. 

“Sometimes I worry that I’m letting my team down, like if I make a bad pass or I’m having an off day, but honestly the girls are so supportive and it’s such a great environment,” Kelly said.

All throughout the girls soccer season one thing has been clear: it was an exceptional experience for many players, filled with great new friendships and the perseverance to succeed as a team.

“It feels really good. I like being on the team. I like representing myself as an O’Connor Eagle, and I really just enjoyed every single part of it,” Hardwick said.