Girls basketball shoots to Region Champs


Photo by Ananya Thekkemelepatt

The OHS girls basketball team faces off against MRHS, leading 30-28.

Ananya Thekkemelepatt, Opinions Editor


From having injured players, to beating MRHS in a quadruple overtime game and becoming back-to-back region champions with a region coach of the year, the OHS girls basketball team has once again proven that they do not back down from a fight.

“Our season started off pretty rough but staying together as a team and as a family we got through all that successfully,” said Diya Venkat, junior. “I like the way we all come together even during the hardest times.”

Every season has its ups and downs, and this year was no different. The team faced many changes right as the season started, but as always, they overcame.

“I think with everything that happened this year, a lot of players leaving, people getting hurt, I think we got a lot closer together,” Venkat said. “More people got more opportunities to improve their skills.”

As the season went on, the varsity team showed through every game that they were improving as they raced toward region champs.

“We started off not really doing good on offense, we were struggling to score the ball,” said Leyah Gewargis. “As the season progressed we scored the ball a lot more, we were passing really good, making good reads to the basket.”

Every year, the newer varsity players get introduced to the varsity team as a whole, learning through new experiences and more playing time. 

“Same thing that happened last year; I don’t think a lot of them had a lot of returning minutes and they came out this year ready to roll so the same things expected,” said Danny Soliman, coach.

As per all sports, the rivalry games attract the most attention. But this season set itself apart.

“We beat Ridge twice, one in quadruple overtime and one on senior night, that was probably the best,” Gewargis said. “It was honestly probably the best season I’ve had.”

Ending the season on such high notes, the seniors have demonstrated the great example they have set for the lower classmen varsity players.

“I think with our five major seniors leaving I think a lot more people are going to get opportunities and we should make the most of it,” Venkat said. “The seniors played a huge role helping the other classmen get ready for next year.”

This last season for the seniors is sure to be remembered with such high notes and successes over hardships.

“We’re able to send off the seniors on a good note by beating [Ridge] at home on senior night and winning the region,” Soliman said.

The team has gone through numerous events in just one season, so it is safe to say that the 2021-2022 season has made its mark on OHS basketball.

“Our team this year has overcome a lot of adversity…I think that’s one of our biggest things,” Gewargis said. “We always say to ‘stay locked in’ and always stay together.”

With the seniors leaving and the lower classmen varsity players moving up next season, the responsibility is on them to prove that OHS girls basketball doesn’t back down from any challenge

“Working through adversity is something that we have and it’s something we need to keep doing,” Venkat said.


In the same way varsity has shown and proven success, the JV team has demonstrated that they are here to win as a family.

“We’re all pretty close…The team they make it fun,” said Chloe Beckman, sophomore. “It’s just an honor to be able to play with the girls.”

Like in all sports, the JV team is able to look up to the varsity team for help and leadership and in girls basketball it is not different. 

“I got to play with the varsity sometimes too so I feel pretty prepared,” Beckman said. “We’ve started working well together..the opportunity is just great.”

But besides playing together, the environment is very supportive and encouraging, especially before games.

“Before games, I always get really nervous so I get pep talks from the older girls,” said Sanjana Karra, freshman. “I have what I need to succeed, I don’t need to change.”

But though the team is exceptionally skilled, the 2021-2022 season brought upon a number of struggles. Luckily, the girls were able to overcome it all with such a variety of players.

“We had a lot of injuries throughout the season…that brought other kids to step up and I feel like that’s how we got so far into the season,” Karra said. “We have a lot of skilled players.”

Coaches have trained and taught these girls how to get through any season and adversity. Through the close connections within the team, they were able to succeed.

“I think we grew from the beginning to the end of the year by just staying composed always,” Soliman said. “That adversity makes people learn so many lessons in life.”

Going through such adversity has been a theme these girls have faced throughout the season. Fortunately, it has not brought them down but only made them stronger and better athletes.

“Usually in the games if we don’t fight till the last quarter we usually overcome that,” Beckman said. “We keep fighting.”

Overall this season was a whirlwind of experiences and the newer players have gotten quite the introduction to OHS basketball.

“It was a really good start because it introduced me to high school ball and how it worked,” Karra said. “It taught me lessons you can use on and off the court…We never gave up and we kept fighting.”

Ending the season like this is only promising an even better season in the upcoming years. With athletes who are able to triumph over the hardships an athletic season brings, these JV players show that they are here to bring OHS the win.

“When you don’t feel like you’re good enough just keep pushing till you get [the opportunities],” Beckman said. “Keep having the fight.”