Track sprints into a new season


Photo by Jackson Morgan

Patrick Fattu, junior, prepares to throw the discus.

As we jump into spring, OHS track and field advances into a new season. After losing their season last year to the infamous COVID-19 pandemic, OHS athletes are ever more eager for their season. 

This season, track wanted to repeat the success they had at district in the 2019 season, and they did. Track is a unique sport as it includes multiple events such as the 100 meter dash, long jump, shot put, discus, and pole vault. 

“We won district which is pretty cool. We had a lot of people getting medals and the whole team was focused and collaborated very well,” said Zach Fitzpatrick, junior. 

With OHS’s recent success at districts, they are coming back stronger than ever, breaking records, and building a community within the track environment. OHS track has created a family-like setting where everyone is close and is willing to help each other. 

“The coaches and even the kids [are] doing oddball tasks such as keeping tents down with hammers and large nails in the wind and rain,” Fitzpatrick said.

All sports need a community environment in order to thrive, and OHS track is creating such an environment and helping their athletes thrive. With younger athletes stepping up and filling senior roles, it really shows that no matter how old you are, anyone can be a leader. 

“A combination of the young kids coming out and being very talented and helping us out,” said Eric Bolus, track coach. “The seniors led and showed them how it’s done and it was pretty cool to watch.”

With the team taking on new roles, it may be hard to adapt but, OHS track has shown no lack of adjustment or even hesitation as they prepare to head to the championship. 

“We need to get out of the pinnacle of our season. It is not just district; it is one of the three races we need to win,” Bolus said.  

Bolus and his team are eager to get to the championship and are working hard to reach their goals, while also becoming closer as a team. 

“The seniors were a big part in the team’s success because they showed all of the younger teammates the ropes. They showed them how they need to train, practice and carry themselves on the field,” Bolus said.