Tennis Prepares for the Future

Chase Wyatt, Staff Writer

Boys: Boys’ tennis ended their year with a record of 4-10, being ranked number 29 in the division. They faced a tough schedule, facing off against some of the top teams in the state. The seniors on the team are sad to have finished their season, but they leave behind a team well equipped to win state next year.

Senior night for tennis was on Thursday, April 11 against the Horizon Huskies, in which OHS won the set 8-1, ending the season with a win.

The boys’ tennis team is coached by ceramics teacher, Kent Younger, and consists of five seniors in total, who will all leave the team happy and confident that in these next few years, the team will win state.

Michael Tobin, senior, thinks that OHS will have a state-winning tennis team and says that their coach is great and really loves helping out the new players.

“We had a lot of talent and a lot of younger kids on the team now and I think we’re going to have a good team with all the freshmen. Our coach did real well, and he helped out the freshmen and incorporated the seniors into helping out the freshmen, as well, and improved their skills since a lot of them were new to the sport and didn’t know what to exactly do in this sport coming into this season,” Tobin said.

Broderick Amrein, senior, enjoyed being able to face against the top teams in the state, and felt like he grew more experienced because of it.

“It was tough, but exciting to be able to play to that level because you don’t get that opportunity too much,” Amrein said.

Girls: Girls tennis ended their season with a record of 3-11, also being ranked number 29 in the division. While they may not have ended the season as well as they wish they had, they still ended phenomenally based on the competition they had facing the top teams in the state.

They are coached by Chris Harmonson, one of the counselors at OHS, and consists of 2 seniors.

Josie Nathal, sophomore, feels that the team was a lot closer this year than last, and did well in her last game this season.

“I thought it was fun, a lot of people from last season were here and I got to meet new people and I felt that this year the team was a lot closer. I did really good on my last game so I felt very confident at that last game this season,” Nathal said.

Rebecca Gandolfi, senior, was nervous going into this season since she was one of the only two seniors on the team, but felt confident at her senior night game against Horizon and her four seasons of tennis overall.

“I was nervous going into this year because I was one of two seniors on the team and all of my friends had graduated, so it was weird having to make new friends with the new kids. Overall, I think I did really well in my tennis career here because I went from being an alternate, literally the bottom of the food chain, to being varsity 1 in two years, so I think that’s pretty cool,” Gandolfi said.

Julia Curtiss, junior, is the only junior on the team and really feels that the coach did a fantastic job this year of always being there to help the team.

“I think he did put in a lot of effort and was always there for us and he was always trying to get us to the next level, and I think he did a great job of doing that. He learned a lot from this year, as he’s only been coaching for a few years and what makes him a good coach is that he learns each year how to better his coaching skills,” Curtiss said. “So far, I’m going to be the only senior on the team next year, but I know there will be other upperclassmen on the team next year, so I don’t feel as pressured about being the only senior next year.”