Track is warming up this winter


Chase Wyatt

Practice makes perfect and these talented athletes are willing to put in the work to prepare for their upcoming spring meet.

Chase Wyatt, Staff Writer

This year’s winter track prep is coming up for anyone interested in getting in shape for the upcoming season or for incoming freshmen track who want to know what track is like here at OHS.

Who may not know what the winter track prep is, it is essentially conditioning and workout preparation for the upcoming season of track, and a good way to meet the coaches of the track team. Many of the seniors who do track recommend it for everyone interested in joining track, or just looking for a quick way to get into shape.

Sloane Sivek, senior, advices doing winter track to get a preview of the season and to get into running shape for the upcoming season of track later in the spring.

“It’s pretty much just about getting into shape before the actual season comes around. Nothing skill or event-based, it’s more just about getting into shape,” said Sivek.

Elijah Seals, senior, advices for all the incoming freshmen looking to do track, or just anyone looking for a good way to get into shape, to come out to the winter track, as it is a good way to meet the coaches and fellow track runners.

“Winter track prep is, just how it sounds, for track and we start on December 7th to prepare us for the upcoming season and to give us a head start rather than more training, it’s more just conditioning,” Seals said

Espen Swenson, senior, adds that winter track is for anyone, regardless of whether they wish to join track or not, and that it is a great way to meet your fellow track mates, and grow close to them before the season starts.

“It’s really for anyone. If you haven’t ran track and field before, if you haven’t run track and field with our program before, it’s really just a way for to kinda get a feel for the coaches and the team. Honestly, if you just want to be in shape, come out to track. If it is a sport that you were doing just to get into shape, we do expect you to have some loyalty to the program, like come out to the practices and whatnot,” said Swenson.

Seals has been a part of the track team since his freshman year and wants more people to come out and join track and do winter track, whether or not you want to join track.

“I did it as an incoming freshman and I enjoyed it. Rather than preparing for specific events, it’s going to be more workout based, things like crossfit, body weight stuff, such as sit ups, doing sprints, running laps, things like that,” said Seals.

He feels that track is one of the best teams on campus to join, because it gives athletes a chance to bond with each other and enjoy high school.

“What I tell all the freshman and all the guys coming in that ‘you’re going to care a lot more about this team more than your last team because of how much time you spend together.’ … In my opinion, the track team is probably one of the closest teams,” Swenson said.