Swim and Dive starts off on the right side of the pool


Courtesy of Veronica Elton

Student races to the finish line as fast as he can.

Teanna Meagher, Staffwriter

Swim might be a typical achievement you learn as a kid, but is also a skill that can turn into a competitive sport.

The swim team support each other, even if they’re competing against one another. Cayden Rich, sophomore, believes his team and all the others they go up against, are all together as one whole group.

“They’re very encouraging and they’re very helpful. It doesn’t matter if you’re competing against them they will still help you get better. Even the other teams you compete against, you are all one team,” Rich said.

Swimming can take a toll on the students everyday life. Gabe Littlesalt, senior, is captain of the swim team and takes on leadership.

“In my experience as swim captain I’ve accepted a lot more responsibility and be able to be there [to support] my team a lot more,” Littlesalt said.

Not only does it affect their everyday lives, but even relationships they gain. Lauryn Bridges, sophomore, has made new friends with people she didn’t expect.

“I have a lot more friends from different friend groups and older people,” Bridges said.

Swim isn’t like every other sport most people participate in, it’s not like football, or even baseball.

“It’s the only sport that your coach yells at you for breathing,” Bridges said.

Rich also thinks that swim has different effects on your body due to it being a different territory.

“It’s a water sport so its less stressful on your body per say but it’s also a cardio workout. It’s just a different environment being in water instead on land,” Rich said.

Not only is the sport in water, but it’s also a sport that’s not considered as just an individual team nor is it a team sport. Everyone is in a team, but compete against each other.

“It’s not a whole team, it’s not an individual sport, but not a team sport,”  said Caitlin Chang, sophomore.

Being in any sport can change people, negatively or positively. In swim, positive outlooks are more popular than a bad one.

“It’s made me more confident in myself because I hadn’t done it in so long, and when I picked it up, I wasn’t horrible,” Bridges said.

Besides affecting you as a person, it also changes how you do in school. Rich has become a better student due to being in swim.

“It’s made me focus more on my school work too because I’ve always been focused but knowing I have to worry about my grades in order to compete, it’s helped me focus and it also helped me stay more active,” Rich said.

Even with the commute to get to practice, they never turn a cold shoulder to this sport. Even kids who can’t drive, won’t let this slow them down. They continue on with swim, and refuse to let anything get in their way.

“It is about a 15 minute drive everyday but I think it’s a sacrifice we are all willing to make for our times,” Littlesalt said.