Badminton smashes their final games


Travis Robertson

Rebecca Felton, senior, gets ready to spike the birdie towards her opponent, against Mountain Pointe on Sept. 6.

Nikki Hazelett, Sports Editor

This year’s badminton team is on a roll as they head into the end of their winning season.

With a record of 8-3 the team is celebrating their success and overall improvements for the year.

“Our season has been amazing. We have won a lot more than we’ve lost and during a recent district tournament our Varsity girls killed it. They played the best they have all season,” said Grace Neal, junior.

The girls first set of matches and wins was against Maryvale, ending the night with a clean sweep of 9-0.

“We won our district tournament and that’s the first we’ve won, that includes Ridge and Ridge is really good,” said Sidney Nguyen, senior.

Even with a season full of numerous wins, the team has still faced many challenges throughout the first few months of school. To help better themselves, the girls have been striving to give more effort.

“Our coach really pushed us this year. She made us condition a lot more than last year because she wanted us to be more in shape than our opponents and move quicker around the court than them so we could kick some butt,” Neal said.

With the competition put aside, the team of talented players have truly formed a unique bond with one another.

“Being able to practice with such beautiful and strong women has really made an impact on who I am as a person and has given me a family I wouldn’t ever want to change. Everyday is a gift for me if I can spend it with those girls,” said Rebekah Wucinich, junior.

The team’s last game was on Oct. 12, which they had a loss, 2-7 against Mountain Ridge. 

On Oct. 13, the team hosted a Badminton challenge game, where students were encouraged to come join the girls and verse them in a few games.