Football kicks off the new season


Katie Caccavale

The varsity football team is greeted with this year’s cheerleaders as they run down the field.

Katie Caccavale, Staff Writer

Many people are very excited for the beginning of football season. Even with Coach Casey, the new varsity coach, this season is sure to be one for the books. The first varsity game was on August 19. The Eagles played Mountain Pointe, ending with the score 6-46.

The team is full of inspiring athletes who all work very hard. When it comes to football season, they get their head in the game and start setting goals. Just like Chase Folkestad, sophomore, who is setting high goals for himself to achieve.

“I am always striving to become bigger, faster and stronger,” Folkestad said, “So that I can do anything possible to help this team win.”

The players aren’t the only people who are making goals. Coach Casey, is setting goals he knows he wants to achieve for this season.

“Just to see if we are able to change culture in our work ethic,” Casey said.

When it comes to goals and life lessons, new changes and new coaches can help achieve those goals. Can also help make a new season even more exciting and cherishable.

“I am most excited about the new coaching staff and the positive changes in the program,” Folkestad said.

Then, there is Ryan Langford, senior, who is teaching life lessons on and off the field. Langford is one of the main captains for the team, meaning he has sensible knowledge to pass down to younger teammates.

“You have to work hard, don’t take anything for granted,” Langford said , “Because nothing is given to you, you have to work for everything.”

2017-18 is going to be a season to remember, leading up to the final game of the season against Mountain Ridge. The next varsity game is on August 25, 7 pm at OHS. The first JV game was on August 24, 6 pm at Cesar Chavez. The freshmen had their first away game at Sunrise on August 23 at 6 pm, ending with a score of 7-26.