OHS swim and dive team jumps into new season

Hayley White, Staff Writer

Hayley White
Keegan Koch, senior, dives into the pool to start a race.

The OHS swim and dive team expects phenomenal results with many changes made this season, including getting new coaches.

“We got new coaches and it’s different because he is giving us new workouts,” said Parker Johnson, sophomore. “Last year was a lot easier and now this year it is more rigorous but it is better because I can beat my times.”

Johnson’s other teammate, Keegan Koch, senior, has similar goals for the season.  

“I hope to make state in a couple different events and to push all my teammates to make varsity,” Koch said.

There is a unique sense of bonding on the team because of their close proximity and long hours spent together.

“I think it is the best getting to know people on the team really well and the bus ride to and from meets are so much fun because you bond a lot with teammates,” Johnson said.

Sarah Dusza, junior, agrees with Johnson that the swim and dive team has an advantage because of how close the team is.

“Everybody truly comes together to cheer and support each other through everything,” Dusza said.

With new more rigorous practices, the swim and dive team is optimistic about this upcoming season.

“We are gonna do really well. We have some really good freshmen who just joined the team and I really think they will add a lot to our success,” Koch said.

Being on swim and dive has created important friendships that are key for this seasons success.

“We are so physically close to your teammates all the time it forges a lot of meaningful bonds,” Dusza said.