Maya Ice Cream Rolls will rock and roll your tastebuds

Michael Brown, Staff Writer

Maya Ice Cream Rolls on Happy Valley road is a lively establishment full of positive energy and friendly faces. As soon as you walk into the store, the owner is super friendly and inviting. From the start to the end, the experience is stunning, as they prepare the ice cream rolls right in front of you. They set it on a frozen slab and chop up the liquid until it turns into your ice cream. They have eight different rolled ice cream flavors, five crepe options, macaroons, and a drink called the Bulb Drink which is a sweet lemonade with several flavors such as regular lemonade, kiwi, peach, and many others.

The customer service is unmatched, they are quick to be at your service and will go out of their way to please the customer. From the time you walk in to the time you leave they are all super kind and full of good energy and truly want to make your experience as great as possible. When you are ordering they are super clear when explaining the flavors and what it is, and while they are preparing your desert they are extremely friendly and talkative.

The eight different ice cream roll flavors gives you a wide variety between fruity and chocolate flavors. The Tooty-Fruity Ice Cream Roll is a strawberry based ice cream roll with other fruity toppings such as fruity pebbles which adds a good crunch, giving you a good fruity option. On the other hand, Choco Loco Ice Cream Roll is a chocolate base with other chocolate toppings giving a great chocolate taste. with a variety of other flavors such as monkey business with vanilla, chocolate, banana, and strawberry giving a phenomenal chocolate banana taste with just a hint of strawberry.. 

The Nutella crepe gives you a classic chocolate flavor with 5 other flavors giving you a wide variety of options to pick between. They have other flavors such as the P.B.H Crepe with peanut butter, jelly, bananas, mixed nuts, and honey which offers a sweet and savory option. With other flavors like tropical fusion with coconut pecan spread, mangoes, and pineapple giving you strictly more of a sweet fruity taste. With all the different flavors there are many options varying from chocolate flavors to fruit flavors.

Overall Maya Ice Cream Rolls is an fantastic place. The customer service is out of the world and everyone is super friendly, as soon as you walk in they are quick to be at your service. The lemonade bulb drinks taste amazing and the crepes are out of this world. The several options of ice cream rolls allows for a large amount of variety.