Simply Smashes reduces stress in AZ

Heaven Parson, Staff Writer

Simply Smashing in Tempe, Arizona is the place to go to release rage on items, with full on head to toe protection. They provide everything you need to make sure you’re safe but able to release some of the stress in your life.

Simply Smashing allows four people to be in one room with your choice of tools that you can use to break items they provide. They provide a wide variety of items you can destroy, ranging from bottles and plates to old printers and computers. 

They also let you choose how to break things. Most people just throw items at the walls, but they also give many tools like baseball bats, crowbars, etc.  

At first it sounds dangerous, but they require you to have full protection from head to toe. If you don’t come completely covered, they give you clothing to cover up all revealing skin to ensure that you stay safe. 

Everyone’s experience at Simply Smashing is different. Some may find this place as a godsend while others may not. Due to this place being made for people to release stress and built up anger, some may find it helpful, but others may need alternative ways to release their stress. 

Personally, I believe this place is great, especially for people who aren’t normally aggressive or violent in their everyday lives. My experience at Simply Smashing was very helpful because sometimes I do find myself struggling to release all my bottled up emotions and going there and being able to do it safely in a healthy way felt so good. 

I believe this place could be very good for anyone who struggles more than others with mental health. Many who struggle with anger resort to violence, often towards others, and may find Simply Smashing to be helpful. People are allowed to be violent and aggressive, all without hurting themselves or anyone while doing it.

Some have argued that Simply Smashing just promotes violence by allowing anyone to go in there and break stuff, but I believe this promotes healthy coping skills that keeps everyone safe, except for the items being destroyed. This can help teach youth struggling with anger or mental health problems in general non-toxic ways that they can release their emotions or pent up anger without hurting themselves or others.

Simply Smashing in my opinion was a great idea with an amazing purpose.  This place was a great experience and I feel as though it could greatly help many Americans struggling with anger issues and other mental health issues. Simply Smashing is an all round amazing experience and memory anyone can make by themselves or with other people.