The two party system is broke

Jackson Morgan, Staff writer

There is a constant power struggle in the government to see which party will control what. This is the deciding factor for the Direction of America rather than individual politicians working together for a better future. With the inclusion of more political parties, there will be much less of a chance for an oppressive political party that just barely gets 51 seats in the Senate or House of Representatives that then gets to control that part of congress. If there are more political parties that hold somewhat equal power as both the Democratic and Republican Party, there will be less of a power grab for control and more things will get done in government as it forces all parties to work together rather than to fight each other.

The founding fathers of America never intended for there to be a two party system. John Adams said in 1789, “There is nothing I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other.” When political parties are made in opposition to one another, it will lead to radical ideals on both sides and people in the middle are stuck choosing what radical candidate they’re voting for, rather than someone that aligns with their views. This last presidential election was a result of that; neither candidate was very optimal for the majority of the country yet people still had to vote, and most people were left voting against a politician rather than for a politician.

America is also waking up to the idea of a third party. Currently there are two third party senators serving. Bernard Sanders has been serving since 2007 while Angus S. King, Jr has been serving since 2013, they are both independents. Jo Jorgensen won over 1.8 million votes in the presidential race, which is 1.2% of the votes and the second most of any third party candidate in history. The reason that more people are not voting third party is partly due to them thinking that they are throwing their vote away, yet this isn’t necessarily the case. If a third party candidate receives between 5 to 25 percent of the vote, for example, they will receive public funding for the following election.

Without a third party the nation is divided and the only way America can fall is if the country implodes on itself. With a third party it will unify people and show them that people are not so different from each other, as it gives a middle ground. Since 41 percent of adults are independents, 31 percent are Democrats, and 25 percent are republicans. This means a lot of Americans are in between either party on the political spectrum and don’t like the current political parties. Americans usually agree on most things, but both parties will take the one percent that Americans do not agree with each other on and turn them against each other. It led to one civil war. There’s no reason it couldn’t lead to another.