MegaMan 11 is more than a nostalgic cash grab

MegaMan 11 is more than a nostalgic cash grab


Chris Bonifaz, Staff Writer

Megaman is a classic that has lasted the tests of time throughout each iteration of the character. This new installment seeks to spark the fire that drew in so many fans once again.

Megaman 11 keeps the core element of different stages with unique enemies and final bosses, but introduces new mechanics to the game-play and a new cartoony/cute style of animation.

The new art style is a breath of fresh air for the series because it has never really been changed too much over the years.

While the look has improved, the sound, however, has gone for the worse. They did not specifically make music for the game, so the stock music on the stages really takes away from the experience.

The soundtrack should be known as the worst in the dozens of games the series has. This brings the atmosphere down because you remember each stage by the theme and the music.  The problem is when you’re missing one of the key components you feel like something is missing and the flaw is playing in your ear on loop.

Besides the extras of the game, there  is the game-play itself. They were very creative when introducing new mechanics in the game, because they didn’t try to put in too much while still giving enough where it complements the original controls.

While the new slow time and button mapping were great additions, the difficulty had problems of its own. They made things very tedious to create an illusion of difficulty that didn’t exist before.

The perfect example is Bounce Man’s stage. The level is themed to be like a carnival and the player had to be precise with their movement while bouncing all over the place. This didn’t make sense because of the steep differences between the sharp controls and the all over the place style of the map.

Bouncing around the place became frustrating because your trying to land in a specific place but the balloons bounce you somewhere else and you try to correct yourself but that just causes more problems.

Even though the game-play is frustrating at certain parts the overall feel and controls are satisfying enough to make up for said frustration.

Overall the game is very refreshing for the franchise and they tried something different so this is a good addition to the Mega Man story.