Lux Central fails to live up to hype

Hayley White, Staff Writer

Located right in the middle of Downtown Phoenix, Lux is a small kitschy restaurant that has been gaining a lot of attention.

It is a new favorite for students, to Instagram a picture of their drinks, study for tests or hang out with friends. Lux Central, from the outside, is a small building with a constant flow of hustle and bustle.

The inside, though is a different story, besides the small area where they make the drinks and food, there is a multitude of rooms, where a mix and match of furniture is nestled everywhere in the room.

The place has a very cluttered cozy feel, and there is hardly room to walk around sometimes without bumping into people and their tables.

I tried three different drinks: Arnold Palmer, Iced Lux Chai and iced Hibiscus tea.

The Arnold Palmer was sweet and refreshing. The mix of lemonade and sweet tea was delicious. The Hibiscus tea tasted very strong.

The chai tea was by far the most disappointing part besides the lack of seating. Chai is usually a favorite drink of mine, but was watered down and lacked its usual array of spices. Plus at the steep price of $4.25 for a medium, I did not think it was worth it.

Another thing I had heard about was their macaroni and cheese. Unfortunately, I got there at 2:00 p.m. and on Saturdays they only serve breakfast until three, so I was unable to try it. It looked like, though, that they had a wide variety of breakfast foods from pastries to eggs and bacon.

For a restaurant that has such a huge following, there is almost no space to sit inside and out at all times of day.

Since they are open until midnight, they are actually more busy at night than during the day, which is hard to imagine. newlux

Overall, I think Lux Central is worth visiting if you find yourself in the area, and on a weekday, but don’t count on finding a seat.