I have stars in my eyes for the final frontier

Kayci Riggs, Copy Chief

Everybody has that one obsession that’s completely random and unexplained, but still entirely valid, and for me, that obsession is outer space.

There’s always been something about it that’s fascinated me, I’m not sure if it’s the vastness, or the mystery, or just the fact that stars are bright and sparkly and I like anything sparkly.

Truth be told, it’s probably the mystery. There’s just something about never knowing what you’re going to find that I love.

With all the recent announcements about Pluto and Mars, it’s made me realize that there is still so much we don’t know.

There are places that exist that we don’t even know about, and even the places we know about remain largely unexplored, and I love that.

My hope is that within my lifetime that can change. There’s no reason for why we can’t colonize the moon, and walk on Mars. Our technological capabilities are growing every day, and one day, the moon’s not going to seem so far away.

There’s just so much to learn. It blows my mind how big things are and how far away they can be, and how many discoveries we can make that just seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

It’s so interesting to me that we can just now get clear pictures of Pluto, after all these years where it just seemed irrelevant, and all of a sudden it’s back in the newspapers, and people are excited about it again..

Any little thing about space fascinates me. Something’s going on with the moon? Sign me up. The other night with the super moon, and the lunar eclipse at the same time, every single one of my coworkers ran outside with me to see it, because we were all so excited for something different to be going on.

Something like that doesn’t happen all the time. You have to take advantage of it when it comes around.

And I’m pretty sure this entire generation takes it as a personal offense that Pluto was demoted from their planetary position, which I think is kind of hilarious actually, but it makes every new discovery about Pluto interesting to us.

Now, I’m no expert on astronomy. I’m really not, and I know it. But I like it. And I don’t really see anything wrong with spending hours searching the internet just to learn that there’s apparently a dwarf planet named Makemake, and that Jupiter has a moon with over 400 active volcanoes?

Speaking of that, that’s another thing I love about space. Planets and moons and everything being named after mythological beings, is like the greatest way to tie science and history together, and that’s not just because I love mythology. (I mean, I do but that’s not the point.)

It reminds me that we’ve been researching outer space for centuries, and we still know so little in comparison, and how absolutely crazy that is to think about.