Mock AP tests leave students over stressed

Emily DiTomasso, Arts and Entertainment editor

AP English, math, history, science, and foreign languages.

For the next couple weeks students are going to go through torture as they go through many short answers,essays, and multiple choice questions.

This schedule was made to make the students’ lives easier leading up to the real AP test but it has done the complete opposite.

I have seen nothing but students stressing about their grades and teachers stressing about all the papers they have to grade and lessons they have to teach in so little time.

Before, students just had to worry about getting a passing grade on the test to get a credit, but now they also have to worry about how it can ruin their grade in the class because it is their final.

Also, to top it all off, the juniors have to take the AZ Merit right in the middle of AP testing. Which makes everyone’s stress levels go through the roof.

I understand the need for practice tests but they should be offered for just the people who are paying to take the test.It is huge waste of time for the students who decided they did not want to pay to sit through the practice tests. They are missing multiple classes to just be graded on one of the three tests they took.

I know when most people hear this they think “Then why did you take the class?” Well, people go into these classes with confidence and then as the semester goes on it goes nowhere but down hill.

Many did not pay for the test for a reason, whether it was due to financial issues, taking dual classes the next year, or they are simply are struggling in the class. To make them take an AP test as a final is not fair for those students. The test is a year’s worth of material and if they decided they did not want to take it for whatever reason, they should not have to be worrying about it.

There are also people who are only taking the AP test because they want a second chance on their final. They are pretty much paying for their grade in the class and stressing themselves out even more preparing for it when they probably did not feel confident on the subject when they signed up.

I think having the AP testing and then a week or two later having finals was a lot less stressful than cramming in all the practice.