Some students don’t respect teachers


Valerie Bond, News Editor

Disrespect is on the long list of things that immature people do to annoy me.
I am not going to deny that that list is pretty long, but disrespect is numero uno.
I was raised in a family that followed the common, or sometimes uncommon, code of respecting one’s elders.
Me, along with my two older brothers and my younger sister, were raised to always look up to and respect those wiser and, majority of the time, older than ourselves.
As my first section of my schooling progressed I watched the kids around me mature, some slower than others. Those who were not as quick to mature were usually viewed as the class clown, and sometimes the teacher’s worst nightmare.
As I entered high school, the difference between going to a charter school and going to a public school became clear.
Never have I seen so many students blatantly disrespect their teachers.
From simply ignoring the teachers requests, to going out of their way to be rude and obnoxious, to being destructive. Countless students disrespect their teachers, in small and/or large ways.
Teachers should be one of the highest respected adults in society, due to the fact they subject themselves to the same torment of children and immature teenagers every weekday from 7:45 AM to 2:15PM.
Think about it a teacher takes out of their personal time to help struggling students, they do all they can do within in their power to help students understand what they are teaching, they put up with the drama that is high school.
Some teachers just get on your nerves, I understand that, trust me I completely understand that, but save your annoyance for lunch chatter and group messages.
Teachers already have enough on their plates. They do not need to deal with your teenage attitude.
If a teacher really bugs you, then just remind yourself that you are only in their class for 55 minutes or less. If that does not work maybe invest in a stress ball or a piece of gum something to distract you for the class period.
Disrespecting a teacher is not cool.
Disrespecting a teacher does not increase your popularity.
Disrespecting a teacher does not help your social skills.
Disrespecting a teacher should not make you feel good about yourself.
Maybe some of you that are reading this do not completely understand what I mean by disrespecting teachers.
I am not referring to zoning out occasionally in class, or the occasional text message.
I am talking about completely ignoring the teacher every single day. Or sitting on your phone for the entire period not bothering to glance up to even seem like you’re paying attention.
My question is what is the up side to ignoring your teacher?
Does it help you get better grades? No.
Does it make you a better person than your teacher? No.
Does being on your phone or being in your own world all the time contribute to a successful future? Absolutely not.
I am not asking for you to not have your own opinions, because if everyone did not have their own individual opinions I would not be able to write this.
All I am asking is that when the teacher is talking, shut your cakehole.
When a teacher asks you to do something, just do it.
If you could do this, it would save the teachers, other students and me a lot of headaches and time.