Promchella gives students hope for the future

Peighton Gellings, Arts and Entertainment editor

In the wake of school closures, everything seniors have been looking forward to throughout their high school career has been cancelled. As the stay at home orders appear to have no end in sight, these times have been difficult for everyone, but they have seemed to hit senior classes the hardest. The end of high school often marks the end of childhood, and the last few months prepare the students for the much awaited goodbye.

In March, seniors didn’t know their last day before spring break would end up being their last day of high school ever. Then their prom was cancelled and even the fate of graduation hangs up in the balance as COVID-19 surges across America. All of the stepping stones that led up to the end of high school disappeared and their plans went up in a cloud of smoke. 

However, this did not go unnoticed as Nick’s Menswear, along with some of Arizona’s biggest event companies, created Promchella to give them something to look forward to. This time of the year tends to be the company’s biggest time of the year, and as a local business, the closures plaguing the state have been hitting them hard. Promchella is the solution that mutually benefits the teenagers and the participating vendors.

It is set to be a two-day festival in July that combines components of prom and Coachella, hence the name. Although a venue has not been decided on just yet, there will be food trucks, performances from local bands and even fireworks to commemorate the occasion.

The organizers of the event have kept small businesses in mind during the planning of Promchella. They have tried to include as many as possible and, as it is a nonprofit organization, all proceeds made off of ticket sales will go directly to local students and any families impacted by the economic disaster that COVID-19 has left America in. 

As of right now, the country is about to enter its peak period of the pandemic and it is difficult to think about planning an event that amasses such a crowd. The organizers have claimed that they are closely monitoring the situation and are already in the process of making difficult decisions in order to give their guests a great experience while keeping everyone’s safety in the forefront of their minds.

Promchella is designed for both juniors and seniors that missed out on prom and the excitement that it brings. Nick’s Menswear was determined to not let all of the prom dresses go to waste and allow teenagers to make lasting memories after being cooped up in their houses for so long. Tickets are on sale for $70 and information on the music lineups can be found on their website. Hopefully by the time July rolls around, the pandemic will be a thing of the past and seniors won’t have to see another event cancelled.