People of China become fearful, as coronavirus starts to spread

People traveling from china, are screened for the coronavirus.

People traveling from china, are screened for the coronavirus.

Peyton Thompson, Editor in Chief

With the change in seasons, sickness is likely to spread. As immune systems start to drop, the greater amount of people get sick. Recently, a new outbreak of the coronavirus has started to spread among the people of China, and is causing much concern. 

This respiratory virus can often lead to other respiratory illnesses such as a cold, bronchitis, and even pneumonia. Symptoms usually include a cough, fever, and a sore throat. However, conditions may be worse depending on the type of coronavirus present. The SARS-CoV (severe acute respiratory syndrome-coronavirus) strain of the virus, which caused a large epidemic in China back in 2003, is one of the more concerning known strains of the disease. In fact, scientists think the spreading virus in China may be of the same family as SARS.

So far, the virus has killed at least three people and left 200 people ill. Chinese health officials were able to track the spread to a fish market in the city of Wahon, where a recent outbreak of pneumonia had taken place. Scientists originally thought that the spread of the disease had only occurred between animals and humans. However, with more cases popping up outside the city of Wahon, people are beginning to think otherwise.

With China being the most populated country in the world, disease is bound to spread fast. And with the increase in travel to and from China around the Lunar New Year, the risk becomes even higher. The potential of a widespread epidemic is far too great a possibility to discount. As more research is conducted, scientists will have a better idea of how serious this strain of coronavirus may be.