FBLA and HOSA welcome new recruits


Isabella Foster

FBLA poses with their hard earned awards from the competition

Chris Bonifaz, Staff Writer

Recently HOSA and FBLA went on state competitions for a wide variety of categories and skills. First we have the HOSA competition.

Before members get to see the material and experience of the state competitions they need to know how to get involved in the first place.

“If you are interested in competing then come to the first meeting and keep coming to future meetings so we can talk about what competitions are for you,” said Caitlin Vasko, junior

As soon as they have chosen what they want to do they start preparing as soon as possible. Members begin working on presentations or studying for tests, depending on what they choose to compete in. While there is enough time to have some downtime, participants should be constantly working and keeping up with the remaining days.

“Throughout the meetings we will have check-ins, like as an officer I will go to everyone and check how their presentations are coming and make sure they stay on track,” Vasko said.

However, it is not as simple as coming to meetings and working, there are also costs to the club. It costs money to go to state and the school does not cover it, so the club has to come up with the money themselves.

“Money is a big thing so we are going to have around five fundraisers next year in order to get enough money for everyone,” Vasko said.

On the FBLA side of things, it is very similar to HOSA, but with very slight differences.

“Just coming to the meetings and getting your foot in the door and just letting everyone know you’re interested goes a long way,” said Aniya King, freshman.

It’s the same as HOSA in the fact that you practice for the competitions and prepare yourself to compete in a professional setting.For the competitions themselves, the experience is one to be remembered for members of FBLA.

“It’s definitely an intense vibe because everyone is on their A game,” King said.

There is no need to worry however, because it is not intense for the entirety of the trip as there [is] just as much downtime.

“The bus ride there was very fun and was more of a chill vibe and when we got there we stayed at a really nice hotel until we competed,” said Tyler Buividas, freshman.

The competitions range from all different kinds of categories based on what each person is interested in.

“My competition was impromptu speaking which was where I was given a topic and I had to make a speech on it in ten minutes, but there are fifty or so events like business ethics to programming,” Buividas said.

With such a wide range of options there is at least something for everyone to compete in.

Just like FBLA, HOSA is very similar when it comes to the experience of competitions.

“There are a bunch of different events with different schedules, so you get to see everyone running around dressed in professional attire and you can network and make connections while also competing and having a great time,” said Quinn Dickerson, junior.

The event isn’t just tests and presentations as there is the option of meeting other contestants or resting in between meetings. There is also a little break for those that tough through all the stress of the competition.

“There is also a dance one of the nights for people just to have fun and let go of all the stress of competing and it’s just an overall good time,” Dickerson said.