Stugo reaches for the stars with Cosmic Dodgeball


Hannah Lorenzo

The Cosmic Dodgeball tournament poster has galaxy-themed decorations to catch the eyes of students and faculty.

Hannah Lorenzo, Features Editor

With the first semester at a close, OHS is already getting back into the swing of things with activities to encourage school spirit. One huge event coming up to add some fun into students’ school lives is the dodgeball tournament. Stugo sets out to create an immersive experience to intrigue more and more people.

Cosmic Dodgeball is on Jan 30 in the main gymnasium from 6-8 pm. The bracket tournament will consist of student and teacher teams with 6-9 people in each team. Since there is a cosmic theme, the gymnasium will be completely dark with neon lights and decorations to bring it to life. With all of the plans to put together, Stugo continues to inform the campus about the tournament, as well, to heighten interest.

“We have posters around campus that every day, we will be releasing another teacher of who’s playing, so as it goes on, you would know more and more of who you will be able to play against,” said Gavin Moriarty, junior and a member of Stugo.

According to Moriarty, the dodgeball tournament did not reach the expectations that they hoped for in order to get the school more excited for the event last year. To change that, Stugo wants to up their game in 2019.

“This year, we’re really trying to push it and get people involved. It’s just supposed to be a fun activity for the students and now, this year, for the faculty, as well,” Moriarty said.

With a more vigorous approach to inform students, school spirit is definitely a goal to reach for in this event. Although difficulties arise when it comes to getting students to participate willingly, students and teachers alike have found that this could be something to really look forward to.

“I think it shows that we teachers are really taking ourselves out of our normal element; we’re trying something new, being brave, showing the kids [that] in order to have fun, sometimes you’re going to look stupid, and that’s a good thing,” said Susan Henry, ELA teacher.

The dodgeball tournament has also caught the attention of students who include sports and physical activities in their daily lives. Lauryn McIver, junior, enjoys the rush that sports give her, so playing dodgeball sounded great to her.

“I’m a competitive person; any time that a sport comes up, I love it,” McIver said.

Anyone can sign up to be a part of a team, and Stugo is especially welcome to those going for the first time, as it shows that popularity is increasing and people are becoming more open to joining school events.

“[I decided to join] because I know it’s a good fundraiser with Stugo, and I thought it would be a good way to get my teammates to have a little bonding experience while we hurt people,” Henry said.

As the date comes closer, Stugo and people who have already signed up are persistent in getting more to make room in their schedules to come and add to the teams. Caleb Hackett, senior and part of Stugo, thinks dodgeball is a great idea for newcomers who need a little excitement after school.

“I would recommend this to others. It’s going to be fun. What else are you going to do on a Wednesday night, Jan 30, other than play dodgeball?” Hackett said.

The dodgeball tournament plans to amaze everyone with their new features and promote the idea of supporting the school with an activity that will thrill those on campus. So far, people are eager for it, and they can already see how this can let students and faculty get a little break.

“Heck yeah! Get off the couch, get off your chair, get off your bed, put your phone down, actually run around for a while and remember what it’s like to sweat when you were in third grade and were on the playground,” Henry said.