Flu pandemic hits campus harder than usual


Katie Caccavale

Nancy Obrien, the school nurse, catches up on some paperwork after taking care of sick or injured students of the day.

Katie Caccavale, Staff Writer

More and more people are getting sick with either a cold, a cough, the stomach flu, or just the normal flu. Having the flu is becoming a bigger and more common now. But, today’s flu is a little more tougher to fight. According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, there was 11,515 confirmed cases of flu from mid-October to Jan 6.

Students and teachers at OHS have been catching the flu in the last few months. As the flu epidemic becomes stronger on campus, the process of flu becomes very understanding.

“The flu, Influenza, is a virus that is able to adapt and evolve very quickly. So, your immune system is able to detect when an invader like the flu virus comes into your body and it will build antibodies that it will remember, so you don’t get that flu again,” said Veronica Elton, Biology Honors teacher.

Schools are notorious for germs and colds. Retoria how do you saw that yeah and I won’t let you are I think you boys because they’re always busy and I feel like As more students are in classes together, it’s easier to catch the flu or even a cold.

“Definitely close corridors of the classroom is when we see population density increase, we start to see the spread of colds, viruses like the flu start to increase,students to realize how much they need to wash their hands with soap,” Elton said.

Views on defeating being sick have definitely changed over time and years. Colds and Viruses have found new ways to become stronger and stay longer. But, we have found ways to fight back.

“Staying hydrated, big big thing with staying hydrated, minerals and vitamins, so zinc and vitamin C are really important, eating a well balanced healthy diet, washing hands with soap is really important, covering mouth or nose when sneezing or coughing, things like that are gonna be very important to preventing yourself and others from getting sick,” Elton said.

Our bodies get colds and viruses, it’s normal, but by staying hydrated, eating right and washing our hands with soap often can prevent yourself and others from getting sick. Taking precautions can help in the long run for yourself and others from getting infected.