A final goodbye to the old iPad minis (2012)

Nikki Hazelett, Sports Editor

As of last year, the iPad Airs (also known as iPad 5th Generation, 2017) have made an appearance on campus, putting an end to the use of the iPad minis (2012).

This current school year, upperclassmen were assigned the iPad four (2012) at orientation, while the underclassmen were the recipients of the iPad Air’s.

This piece of information seemed to be unsettling for some upperclassmen, who argued that they had waited two years to have a smaller iPad and thought then at least they deserved a newer iPad.

“I feel like they are (iPad four) are much faster, but they are heavier and take up more room,” said Tommy Burke, senior.

The iPads minis would no longer update to the latest iOS, making it difficult for students to use newer iPad features and have access to updated apps. The iPad fours still work perfectly fine, however, they will not update past iOS 11.

Next school year, there will be new updated iPads, including the Airs. After this school year, the old iPad fours will most likely be given to elementary schools for them to begin practicing on.

“One of the things that I tell students is that they have to remember that this is a tool they’re using to learn. The bells and whistles aren’t as important as the basics that all iPads have,” said Gail Salameh, school librarian.

There was no specific reasoning behind which grade levels would receive the newest iPads for the school year. Students are provided with an iPad for the sheer purpose of enhancing their learning experience and preparing them for the future.

“Think about how savvy you guys are going to be when you go to college, you will know how to use a computer, Microsoft products, and you are going to know how to use all the Apple products,” Salameh said