Upperclassmen resolve freshmen frights


Sadrac Rainey, Staff Writer

Students often wonder, when they first walk through the door into high school, can they survive? And while it won’t be easy, it is doable. And because of this high school staple, a poll was recently made, providing insight on what freshmen truly fear.

Math is often the least favorite class to take, because if you miss just one day it will be challenging to stay on top of it. Collin Curtis, junior, and also a statistics student, explains how he deals with these challenges and surpasses other students in his class.

“Take notes, look at your notes, and use your notes when you study for your test, notes are the most important part of any class,” Curtis said.

He also goes into detail that these higher tier math classes aren’t all they’re chalked up to be. Explaining that people are just scared for the sake of not experiencing the class. Like when someone rides a rollercoaster for the first time, or goes to the top of a very tall building, people overcome fears with experience.

“I think they’re scared because it’s a senior class, and because it’s at this top, unimaginable tier, people think it’s gonna be the hardest, but it’s usually sophomore Classes that are. Because they teach you the discipline for junior and senior classes. And I think that’s where people get confused,” Curtis Said.

Andrew Cardon, Pre-Calculus teacher, is aware of students cowardice toward math. He knows why they’re scared of it, because he’s had a hundred other students who felt the same way.

“I think students are scared of math because, if you don’t know what’s going on you can get pretty lost, pretty quick,” Cardon said.

Cardon also explains the best way to help yourself in a class where you’re lost is to seek help.

“The more comfortable you are with the less afraid you’ll be. And I guess they’re scared because it’s… one of the higher levels but stick with it and you can do it,” Cardon said.

And that while there is a great challenge with higher tier math classes, it is possible to succeed he also encourages that you can flourish.

“Do your homework every day, stay focused and attentive in class, participate by asking questions and anything your unsure of in class, seek out tutoring or help from a friend. And if you do those things on a regular basis, everyone can be successful,” Cardon said.

Freshmen aren’t just scared of math though, Science is the second most feared region of study, said by freshmen in a recent poll. Chemistry and Physics in particular cause the most anxiety, but Jim Burton, AP Chemistry teacher explains how it’s just another class.

“They’re scared because it’s a class where you have to take math and apply it to situations that they are not familiar with. Make sure they know how to study properly, by using practice problems, not just watching me doing the problems, but them actually trying by themselves,” Burton said.

People also said how difficult physics would be. And why would they, it’s just more applied math with certain circumstances. Shayan Afzal, junior, and an AP Physics student knows these problems and explains how he doesn’t have to worry about them.

“ … well it’s an AP class so people think it’s a lot more work. But in actuality it isn’t that much more work, and the work is very easy if you make it easy,” Afzal said.

And this is why freshmen have no need to worry about future classes. Classes are just classes. It may seem bigger than it actually is now, but that is just because it seems so far away.