Corrections to Print: Volume 15. Issue 1. October 2016

Ethan Gilchrist, Managing Editor

Corrections relating to Volume 15. Issue 1. October 2016

Cover Page:

The issue is incorrectly labeled Volume 14 and should be labeled Volume 15.

In the story “District installs new features to keep students safe” the staff member byline should be spelled Emilie Reid not Emily Reid.

In the same story the picture cutline should be spelled Emilie Reid not Emilie Ried.

In the same story it should be stated that this story jumps to page 2.

News (Pages 2):

In the jump for the story “AP grading system: not what it seems” the text “ered easy to Colleges.'” is repeated.

In the jump for the story “District installs new features to keep students safe” the text “about situations that occur just because the security cameras might catch it.” is repeated.

News (Page 3):

In the story “The 2016 Election: Are you in the best hands?” paragraph 2 should state “Donald Trump who is a multi-billion dollar business owner” not “multi-million”.

In the staff box the adviser byline should be spelled Cindy Garraway not Cidny Garraway.

Opinions (Page 5):

In the story “Judges create a victim from convicted rapist” the mugshot cutline should state “Brock Turner, convicted rapist” not ”


Features (Page 7):

In the story “New club just in time for the spooky season” paragraph 13 the Vice President’s name is spelled “Abbey Naylor” not “Abby Naylor”.

In the jump for the story “Attitude is everything” the last paragraph was not included and should end with “Once again, attitude is everything.”.

OC_Captured (Page 8)

In Bryce Craig’s quote “timpani” is misspelled as “timphony”.

Arts & Entertainment (Page 12):

In the story “Theater isn’t sleeping on their new play” the picture cutline should state “Erika Harfman” not “Eika Harfman”.

Sports (Page 14):

In the story “Football tackles family dynamics” JV section paragraph 4 should state “said Nick Camacho” not “Camacho said”.

In the story “Badminton drives towards state” the badminton team is placed 6 in state not 16.

Sports (Page 15):

In the story “Volleyball sets up for next year’s play” the girl’s varsity team will be heading to state.

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