Clowns victimize the nation as sightings in phoenix increase

Audrey Serrano, Features Editor

It started in August in South Carolina but then it spread to all 50 states. The clown plague soon became to take over social media as phones across the nation blew up with creepy videos and stories about the sightings and threats.

This fear of clowns roaming around suburban areas began when residents in a South Carolina apartment complex reported someone dressed up in the clown getup trying to lure children into the woods, as writes.

Most think that these clown stories across the web are just that, stories.

“I’m really tired of it,” says Jesse Moulin, sophomore, “I don’t think they’re scary. I don’t think they’ll do anything to you.”

Although most believe these clowns are harmless internet pranksters begging for attention, there have been serious encounters with the costumed creeps.

Stories have circulated around social media of clowns chasing after people or standing at the sides of mostly empty roads just watching drivers then chasing their cars.

Along the East Coast, places like North Carolina have reported clowns who are seen attempting to lure children into the woods. According to CBS, two children have reported a clown offering them treats to follow him into the woods in early September.

“As someone who is deadly afraid of clowns, this isn’t pleasant news,” said Cassidy Meyer, sophomore, “I’m quite terrified.”

The clowns across social media have terrified thousands as videos and reports of clown sightings go viral. The terror rises as the clown sightings have now become local.

Although there were no serious cases of kidnapping or violence, the threats of these murderous circus figures still continue to terrorize social media.