Suburban and city parents live in harmony on campus


Emilie Reid

From left to right, Kieran Younger, senior, and Nicole Roush, senior, share a laugh in their contrasting spirit day outfits.

Emilie Reid, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Students dressed in soccer mom attire, rocked fanny packs, or dressed in their fanciest clothes to show their school spirit on Tuesday for Suburban Parents vs. City Parents day. 

More than a few outfits caused laughter and smiles, and friends posed for goofy photos together around campus with the Game of Life inspired props made by Stugo.

Students come up with creative twists to apply to their spirit day attires, breaking away from the main concept and coming up with personas that are unique and outside of the box.

Nicole Roush, senior, dressed in leggings, a multicolored floral shirt and tennis shoes with a baby to carry around in order to complete her take on a suburban mom’s attire.

“I like the whole idea of life at OHS. I think it’s really cool, and I like how they used a play on words for reTIREDment day,” Roush said.

Kieran Younger, senior, chose to dress in a sharp black suit, which contrasted with the attire of his classmate Nicole.

“It’s easier for me to find stuff to wear and use to dress up in, but I think that it kind of discourages students from participating because it is more normal,”  Younger said.

Emilie Reid
Vivian Harvey, a junior Stugo representative, shows off her fanny pack and soccer mom attire.

Vivian Harvey, a junior Stugo representative, had a part in planning this spirit week and participated by dressing up as a soccer mom, equipped with a sturdy fanny pack and an OHS soccer hat.

“I think because the spirit week is new, and there is a new twist on it, that some kids might enjoy it more than others, but you can’t please everyone on campus,” Harvey said.