New App Store installs controversy on campus

Hayden Cunningham, Webmaster and Business Manager

This year during a time of technology in the classroom, change has been made on the school iPads. 

The district has instituted a “no app downloading” policy that requires students to only download apps that are approved by the Deer Valley Unified School District.  

But what do students and teachers have to say about this change? According to Sylvan Austin, sophomore, the new app system has a few bugs.

“The apps don’t download right away and it takes a while to install,” Austin said.

The apps must process the installation on the iPads. Many students have been faced with the problem that apps hesitate to download for some time. The library recommends that the iPads have the most current software update for it to be the most reliable.

The intention of the new app store policy is that the removal of gaming apps will help a student become more engaged in the classroom.

“Last year I played a lot of games,” Austin said. “But this year I get more done and am more productive.”

This chart represents a random selection of students’ opinions in a poll conducted by staff writer, Trey Espinoza.

However, there are several educational apps that are unavailable for students. If a student needs a PDF editor app, their options are limited. Students can only use the apps given to them without having variety.

The restrictions on the students’ iPads serve to remove explicit content on the iPad, but the app “Instant Buttons” contains profanity and explicit material.

Mrs. Salameh, librarian, said that she will delete it as soon as she looks into it. Apps are requested by teachers and she immediately approves them, putting the trust in the teacher.

“Poor students have no say in what apps are picked,” Salameh said.

Apps such as Notability which were previously purchased by students for the school year are now worthless with these new rules.

“I’m a teacher who realizes it’s going to take time,” Mr. Burton, chemistry teacher, said. “I’m not going to request needed apps and set fuel to the fire. They’ll work it out.”