Math teacher moves up in educational world


Nikki Hazelett

Justin McLain, assistant principal, works to make OHS a better place.

Nikki Hazelett, Sports Editor

“I feel like the end result is that I’m kind of meant to be at O’Connor,” said Justin McLain, new assistant principal. 

It is possible students and staff have gotten the chance to get to know the former Algebra 3-4 teacher over the past 13 years at OHS. From being involved in athletics to the math department, McLain has had his fair share of experience.

“I’ve been a teacher here since the second year the school was in existence,” McLain said. He is an original OHS eagle.

The switch from math teacher to administrator may be a hard adjustment for some, but McLain is enthused to get to work with fellow administrators.

“I’m super grateful to have this job and I’m excited to serve on this campus,” McLain said.

After getting his master’s degree in Educational Leadership and being apart of the DVUSD Aspiring Administration Program, McLain went on to intern at OHS and learn from the former staff on being an administrator.

“I put a lot of time into being an intern at O’Connor and I think that helped a lot with the process and learning the job,” McLain said.

Other teachers were glad to see McLain’s progress and to see a fellow teacher move up in the educational world.

“He is a great fit and has great organization,” said Cindy Knoll, department chair of mathematics here on campus.

McLain has shown that he is more than ready to take on the job of being an assistant principal.

“My goals are to contribute to the school and to the Deer Valley Unified School District,” McLain said.

Before administration, McLain was also very passionate about teaching math and creating relationships with students.

“I got into this profession because I love to teach and I love to see the growth of students,” McLain said.

McLain is confident in his abilities and is looking forward to what this school year has to offer.

“I want to make the best decisions I can for all the students and staff,” McLain said.