Color Run donates to charity

Taylor Stokes, Staff Developer

For the first time ever, OHS Stugo put on a color run that has now been extended district wide.

For $10, anybody and everybody could run the race with the main pull being donating money to local causes.

Students were told to be on campus in the parking lot at 5:30pm on Tuesday February 2nd for the race that began at 6:00. Kids were also told to bring money if they wanted to buy glow products and food from food trucks.

The race was a mile and a half long with the dress code being a white out in order for the colors that were thrown on the runners to be more visible.

“It was worth the money since it went to a good cause and I think you got your ten dollars worth of fun,” said Qualia Coleman, senior.

On the other hand, some students thought the race was a little too short and that the DJ was a little lackluster for playing too much Taylor Swift.

“I thought that they should have a dance afterwards instead of just the run,” said Ernie Atkins, senior.

The money that was donated from the race went to Project Fresh Start and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.