OC Rewind: spirit week arrives on campus

Hayley White, Staff Writer

Spirit week– an array of activities that revolve around a central theme meant to enthuse kids about school.

It is an exciting way to distract for the mundane days of school work and give students something to look forward to during the school week.

The upcoming theme is OC Rewind. It will go through the past decades. It regresses through the most popular decades for their peculiar looks, 1980’s, 70’s, 50’s, the 20’s and on the last day they jump forward to 2016 labeling it Back to the Future.

Monday starts off going back 30 years to the days of teased hair and shoulder pads. It is Saved By the Bell vs. Rock of Ages. Important pieces that should be incorporated into the Saved by the Bell theme is workout clothes, preferably in neon and colorful patterns. For Rock of the Ages getups consisting of leather, big hair, band tees and face paint would work the best.

Tuesday is definitely going to be groovy with students rocking blue jeans, flowers and tie dye. One outfit could be light wash bell bottoms, a flowy tie dye shirt and circular sunglasses. Another could be channeling Woodstock with a flowy dress and kimono in either a flower or tie dye pattern and a flower crown and sandals.

Wednesday takes it back to the days of Grease.  There are two ways to dress up for this day: greased back hair, tight rolled jeans and leather jackets or poodle skirts, collared shirts and oxford shoes with socks. Don’t forget to do red lipstick and winged eyeliner to add the final touches to the costume.

The Roaring 20’s is the theme for Thursday. Gather inspiration from the Great Gatsby and dress up as a flapper wearing dresses, heels, headbands and pearls. Or even a mobster by donning a suit, suspenders and a bowtie.

Every spirit week ends with a color day. The rivalries typically run high between the classes. Freshmen are wearing yellow, sophomores are green, juniors are orange and seniors will be wearing pink. Neon colors are preferred because they stand out.
Great places to purchase pieces for your costumes are Party City and Goodwill.