OHS goes down under


Valerie Bond

Dressed to impress, Chris Coppla, junior, and Megan Hunt, sophomore, sport animal onesies for Welcome to the Outback.

Valerie Bond, Design Chief

It’s day three of spirit week and OHS is getting wild.

So far, OHS has traveled within the states and made a stop in Greece but now, students are making a pit stop on the big island of Australia. Today’s spirit theme was “Welcome to the Outback,” allowing students to dress up in their favorite safari gear and animal print.

Some students take spirit week very seriously, making sure to dress up for every theme.

“It gives me a great conversation starter with people and any chance to dress up at school I am willing to take it on,” said Hannah Jackson, senior, who has made sure to go all out every day so far this week.

Other students do not feel like the concept for this week was very good.

“I understand it’s global, but I just don’t like it,” said Petie Barhanovic, sophomore.

Students like Barhanovic that are not feeling the global vibe may feel more obligated to dress up next spirit week and the overall student participation will increase.
Tomorrow’s theme is “Beach Bum” Thursday, and Friday is “Class Color Day” where freshmen wear white, sophomores wear yellow, juniors wear blue and seniors wear black.