Auto club show drives students together

Taylor Stokes, Managing Editor

Auto club is the chance for car lovers and club members alike to look at cars, talk about cars, and most of all appreciate them.

On Saturday April 11, the club put on a car show in the student parking lot in front of the Performing Arts Building.

“I’m in auto club strictly for the love of cars, all cars, there’s something about engines and cars that can’t be replaced by anything else. I just want to be able to share my love for cars with other people.” said Jean Morales, senior.

The show was an opportunity for students to showcase their vehicles and have conversations with others that brought their cars to the show as well.

“The students also get to work on organizational skills while planning and working the show, budgeting club funds and managing time during the show.” said Denis Ohlwiler, club supervisor. “The goals are to get students who aren’t normally involved in school events a place to belong and share their interest and to raise money for later shows”