Future freshmen flock to OHS campus

Taylor Stokes, Managing Editor

It’s the beginning of something big for eighth graders.

On Jan.  21,  eighth graders and their parents had the opportunity to tour the OHS campus and hear about all there is to offer.

“It provided the parents the opportunity to see all of the many programs that we offer at [OHS], we do our best to squeeze everything in one night.” said Justin McClain, math teacher.

The night consisted of various department tables and campus groups who got together to explain their courses, clubs and opportunities to the parents.

“I think it’s better for freshmen to attend because it gives them an advantage to see the the things that they like and may get involved with when they do get in high school, they have the chance to see a variety of programs.” McClain said.

Freshmen Mentors played a big role in the evening by taking families on tours around the campus.

“I felt like it was something new and I’m glad Freshmen Mentors were able to give tours and answer questions for the freshmen and meet them before they came to the school.” said Aodet Yako, junior.

By touring the campus, future freshmen get an advantage to get acquainted with their surroundings and experience the great assortment of classes and clubs open to them.

“I think I convinced one of the parents to put their child in OHS and not Ridge,” Yako said. “So it was a success overall.”