Corrections to issue two

Bailey Brammer, Editor-in-Chief

In the story, “Freshman Mentors become leaders,” The Talon stated that the author of the story is named Breanna Henry. We recognize that her name is Breann Henry.

In the story, “Has the Ridge rivalry crossed the line?” The Talon stated that the photograph was taken by Hannah Carlos. We recognize that her name is Hanna Carlos.

In the section, “Featured Photography,” The Talon wrote that Houtson Burgoon and Dennis Strieter III are freshman. We recognize that these students are sophomores.

The cover photo of The Talon was taken by Delaney Bever, and the student in the photo is Adriana Boderash, junior.

An older version of “Energy drinks supplement for sleep,” was printed in the issue. The updated version has been posted online.

The Talon regrets these mistakes and hopes to diminish the amount of mistakes made in the future.