X Games is coming to campus

Audra McCaw, Staff Developer

OHS has announced that the Action Sports Traveling Roadshow will be performing on campus tomorrow during both lunches.

The X-Games (ESPN) athletes will be performing on a very large ramp on campus. While the athletes perform, there will be a host from their roadshow presenting a “Bullying Prevention” message for students.

“The event is for the students, it’s an opportunity for both entertainment as well as a message on bullying and making good decisions,” said Justin McLain, math teacher at OHS.

McLain thinks this is an event the students will enjoy.

“Anytime we get the opportunity to provide something cool, as well as educational, we take advantage of it. This is something completely new to our campus, something we’ve never done before,” McLain said. “We jumped on it right away. There are a lot of logistics involved, but in the end we really hope the students enjoy themselves.”

Stephanie Lord is the OHS prevention coordinator.

“She proposed the idea, her and her team have been working really hard to make this happen,” McLain said.

McLain is excited for students to participate in the event.

“I hope the students have a good time. Any opportunity, big or small, that can impact our students both social and emotional well beings should be taken advantage of. Education is extremely important and the main reason we are all here, but if we can help kids make good decisions in life, is just as important,” McLain said.