ROTC teaches respect, responsibility, and work ethic


Chris Bonifaz

ROTC greets students as they enter school.

Chris Bonifaz, Staff Writer

ROTC is a class on campus that, on the face level, seems like a class for and about the military. However, that is not what ROTC is about at its core.

The class tries to teach the kids more than just military knowledge, “We learn leadership skills and life skills as well as space and aerospace science,” said Parker Mills, junior.

In ROTC, students will learn how to apply leadership and camaraderie with real life situations, so that if they go on to not join the military they still know how to work well with a team and how to lead one.

When people think of ROTC, they think of boot camps and rigorous training to become the toughest soldiers possible.

In reality, ROTC isn’t as bad as it seems, “While it is challenging at times, we are not constantly pushing it because we also do other things like sports,” Mills said.

Mills also talked about how it’s not too bad because you have the full support and motivation from Lt. Col Simmons and MSgt. Badey throughout every exercise or activity.

However, don’t think it’s all fun and games because there are more responsibilities to uphold before and after school.

“It really depends. We always have members of the senior staff early in the mornings to help out the younger cadets or other times doing a little physical fitness,” said Sean Piehel, senior.

They also do a lot of events after school usually with other clubs or classes around campus. “For example, tomorrow the fitness club is going to go out to the track to run for a bit and we are going to join them,” Piehel said.

They also have to leave during class some of the time to attend assemblies or events for the school itself.

While all these activities and responsibilities seem overwhelming don’t feel worried because there is a lot of wiggle room when it comes to complete dedication to the class.

“I don’t find myself putting ROTC in front of school because Simmons and Badey make sure that we know that grades should come before any ROTC event,” said Parker Mills.

They have enough time to focus on any other responsibilities they have outside of ROTC and never have to focus solely on ROTC.

Overall the vibe of the class is very lenient, but it is not without its hardships regarding physical activity, events, or lessons.