The Interact club interacts with the community


Isabella Foster

The Interact Club makes cards for veterans.

Isabella Foster, Photo Editor

The interact club works to help the community through service projects, partnering with many large organizations. Students create bonds and friendships through talking about ways to help the community and make the world a better place.

The interact club meets every Tuesday after school to help others. They work together helping people and interacting with the community. Melissa Mara oversees this club as they prepare for their food drive on February 4th.

“Our motto is service above self; we are set up just to do community service,” said Melissa Mara, science teacher.

‘Service above self’ is a motto the Interact club lives by and they show it though hours of community service and helping others.

“You just help others, get to know new people and just help the community,” said Faith Abrams, freshman.

Interact has worked with the community service projects, serving food, setting up food banks and even making blankets.

“We are currently going to have a food drive on the fourth, we either do service projects or make things for people,” Mara said.

Students that join the club find that it has helped them put themselves out into the works, both socially and academically by meeting new people and helping the community.

“Its helped me open up more to people and helped me become less socially awkward,” Abrams said.

Interact has become an outlet for students, it being one of the many community service clubs, and is one of the first clubs purely about students.

“I just think it’s important because it’s an outlet for kids to help other people, and I think when they help other people it makes them feel happy,” Mara said.

Helping out the community is just one way the interact club makes their presence known on campus. With group discussions on how to help others as well as getting to know their fellow peers.

“[I like] getting to talk to the group and exchanging ideas to help the community,” Abrams said.

Interact is welcoming club that isn’t just about community service. It’s about having fun while you are getting to help the community.

“We play games during club meetings and there’s activities during club meetings, so it’s not just like ‘okay we’re going to help these people’, it’s ‘lets do an ice breaker or we’ll make blankets or cards for the elderly’, stuff to do during club meetings,” Mara said.

It can be all fun and games, while working through community service, hey find many different ways to have fun.

“The whole word interact, the kids interact with each other, it’s a safe place to be yourself and you can be goofy where you’re not judged by other kids,” Mara said.

This club has not only helped students become closer to their community, but has helped them make friendships within the meetings.

“I like that we’re helping people,” said Isabella Souza, sophomore.

The interact club pulls in 24 students that attend the meetings. Although the amount of people willing to help out this club is amazing, the students feel more peers should join as it brings you closer to the community and others.

“[People should join] to help people and the community and interact with others,” Souza said.

The more people join, the more we as students get the chance to help the community, through this important club you get to make a difference in yourself and your community. Even one person can make a difference in this world and interact is doing that one community service at a time.

“It would make a huge difference if people volunteered a little of their time to someone in need,” said Dominique Luna, freshman.