Red light Rebellion works to educate the OHS campus

Nikki Hazelett, Co Editor-in-chief

In light of current events regarding the potential threats of human trafficking in the state of Arizona, the Red Light Rebellion club is prepared to educate their fellow students on how to stay safe.

“We are trying to make students aware on sex trafficking and the signs. An example is if there was a pimp and you are interacting with one, and how to avoid it safely without hurting yourself,” said Desiree Ponce, junior.

The club heavily focuses on the safety of students and strives to promote alertness to the campus.

“Redlight Rebellion started off with raising awareness for sex trafficking and it hasn’t deviated from that, but it also raises awareness of abuse and other types of emotional and physical threats to other people,” said James Hart, junior.

With Arizona recently being announced a popular human trafficking state in 2018, there is no doubt social media has taken to this news. A surge of tweets and Instagram posts have been circulating, some distributing false information to worried teens.

“Social media definitely has a part to play in scaring teenagers because what happens is people see it on social media and believe it immediately that it is true when it really isn’t,” said Elysia Luna, junior.

Their club meetings focus on ways to get information out to the student body, and ways to make students understand the significance of the current issue in Arizona.

“I hope this can help get people to look for the red flags of those who might be a sex trafficker, those who might be in the business of sex trafficking, and those who are being trafficked,” Hart said.

To support the club and its journey to awareness, keep a keen eye out for them in the next upcoming football games. The club plans to indulge in educating, while raising money for the official Red light Rebellion Organization.

“We are planning to sell stuff at the football games, so people can have the signs and symbols. If people are in trouble that can come talk to us and we will help them and guide them safely,” Ponce said.

Understanding the importance of the current situation in Arizona and being able to distinguish the signs could be life or death for some young adults. The purpose of the entire club is to benefit the safety of the OHS students.

“I really hope this club can not only educate, but get people to fight for this. Arizona has been rated both top in kidnapping, sexual harassment, and sex trafficking, which is disgusting on every end,” said Hart.