New monitor secures OHS campus

Hayley White, Staff writer

Darcy Wine is a new monitor on the OHS campus. She just started at the beginning of this semester. Wine has a lot to bring to campus with her prior work experiences and laid back attitude.

Q:Where did you work before this?

A:I worked at the post office in Anthem. I delivered the mail and before that I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher. It was a pretty scary job at times but I learned a lot about acting under pressure.

Q:What do you think about OHS so far?

A:I really like it. The students have been great they are very receptive to me and so is the staff.

Q:What is a typical day like working at OHS?

A:We unlock all the buildings and we monitor the parking, we also deliver information to students in their classes from admin, deal with discipline, monitor the lunches and monitor the parking lot after school. Another big part is that we assist Admin with whatever they need.

Q:Have you had any difficulties so far?

A:No, I really haven’t. I think the dress code is the one that is the hardest because of the weather. My rule of thumb is that if the outfit embarrasses me then I probably should dress code them.

Q:What has been the most surprising part so far?

A:I think probably just the change that I have seen in how the different high school is now than when I was in it. This is a very technology rich campus and there are no textbooks and I think this school is very different than others even now.  

Q:What do you hope to improve on campus?

A:I’m still learning the kids and how the school runs. My one hope is for the students to respect each other. I think that is a huge cause of fights, some of them are for really silly reasons. I also want to see the students help out each other and especially the new students.