New yearbook editors picture a bright year


Photo by Valerie Bond

Valerie Bond, News Editor

As the year comes to an end, new students are presented the opportunity to take on new leadership positions.
Everyone looks forward to receiving their yearbooks at the end of the year and the students that successfully put it together every year are getting new management next year.
As current yearbook editor, Savannah Tidd, senior, moves on to bigger and brighter things, the OHS yearbook must step forward as well with a new editor.Well in this case, new editors.
After summer comes to a close, Breann Henry, current sophomore, and Riley Fawcett, current
junior, will take over yearbook as co-editors.
“I think they both have the drive and experience to create the best book possible next year.” Said Chad Renning, yearbook advisor.
With this new change in the hierarchy of yearbook, the new editors are looking forward to expanding the horizons and functionality of the yearbook.
According to Fawcett, the plan is to change the ratio of editors to staffers, as well as achieve more coverage of school activities. Henry wants to achieve more copy to make the yearbook more professional as well as open up the opportunities of becoming an award winning yearbook.
“I want people to open it [the OHS yearbook] and go wow, that looks amazing.” Henry said.
As the new editors help to improve the yearbook they also want to personally improve in order to effectively run next year’s team.
“I hope to improve of my leadership skills, I need to get better at delegating.” Fawcett said.
Next year the new editors hope to improve on deadlines, making sure their staff is on task and managing their time wisely in order to get their spreads done in a timely manner, while creating a professional looking yearbook for the whole school to enjoy.