Red Light Rebellion reaches out to community

Audra McCaw, Staff developer

OHS has recently formed a club called the Red Light Rebellion.

Nicole Donogher, teacher and adviser of the club feels that participants of the club have a purpose and goal.

“Raising awareness of teenage sex trafficking that happens around the valley and to fundraise for the cause is their purpose,” said Donogher. “I believe as the club grows they would like people to participate and attend events held by Red Light Rebellion.”

As for the members of the club, they also have their own idea of the clubs purpose.

“Our purpose is to let people know that this goes on within schools and our community. It’s something we should be aware of,” said Vannia Moreno, Vice President of the club.

The clubs goal is to spread the word, get the idea of trafficking known and how to decrease it.

“Our main goal is to really get the word out, after that we can began to recruit more people in our club. We would also really like some males in our group to show diversity and that it’s not just a women’s issue,” said Moreno.

The club meets every Friday before school.

Moreno believes it’s important to teach the community what they should do if they believe someone is being trafficked or is trafficking.

“Red Light Rebellion is something the students and the community should really take into consideration. This deals with the safety of our people and putting a stop to sex slavery, so it’s more than just a club,” said Moreno. “This is a family looking out for one another.”

Red Light Rebellion wants to make a difference.

“The club is going to play an important role in educating the OC community on what sex trafficking is,” Donogher said.

Moreno feels as if she should develop more ideas for Red Light Rebellion and get more involved with the cause. She wants to understand the differences between human trafficking and prostitution, so she can tell people about how important it is.

“As we grow into adults we going to face tough situations and face the real world, know the dangers that are out there,” said Moreno. “The school and community can benefit from Red Light Rebellion because it’s an informative and helpful guidance in tough situations that occur outside of school. Which I believe is crucial to have at our school.”

In April, OHS will be hosting prevention days and the Red Light Rebellion will be participating.

“For now the goal is to focus on fundraising and getting more people involved,” said Donogher.