Evans trains students, athletes and staff

Emily DiTomasso, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Athletic Director Chandler Evans has had many different positions at OHS since the school opened in 2002.  He started off being the athletic trainer and then he became the wrestling coach while teaching at the same time.

This year he does administrative work as a teacher on assignment, CTE department chair, teaches sports medicine, and is the athletic director.

“He is a good people person, he works well with everyone,” said Lauren Fetkenhier, Interior design teacher.

He got his new job by taking the opportunity of an interview after the past athletic director,  Mike Cornish, retired after forty years.

Evans said that he liked having both a teaching job and his administration job.

“I like being able to have more contact with the students. I enjoy being in a classroom teaching,” Evans said.

He also has two kids, Logan and Peyton, who are also on campus.

Logan said that it can be sometimes weird knowing that he is there but he does not see him around a lot.

“It is different because everybody knows that I am Mr. Evans daughter,” said Peyton.

Before teaching, Evans started working with sports medicine by working for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then he worked at a sports medicine clinic before he began his teaching career.

As a high school student Evans was on the wrestling, baseball, football and golf teams.

For teens who are thinking about trying out for a sports team Evans advises you to have your pre- physical pack done early,put in the work to be a well-rounded athlete.

“Be coachable,” Evans said.

For students who are interested in pursuing a career in sports medicine, he advises them to get their observation hours and volunteer in a clinic or an athletic training room.

“Kids relate to him by the way he presents his material,” Fetkenhier said.