OHS Students search for the cure


Photo by: Anna Aurelius

Members of the Find the Cure Club raised awareness on their homecoming float.

Valerie Bond, News Editor

“One of every four deaths in the US is from cancer,” according to the Thormara Latimer Cancer Foundation.
Based on these statistics it is possible for students at OHS to be affected by cancer.
However, the OHS campus has a club that is dedicated to helping foundations and organizations find cures for different cancers and diseases; the Finding the Cure Club.
“Freshman year I went to Relay for Life,” said Emily Hildebrand, Finding the Cure Club president and junior at OHS, “this year I wanted to get more involved in the club but the club was not there anymore so I decided to start it back up again.”
With the help of Kelly Simon and Darrell Hudson, Hildebrand was able to restart the club and also change it her own way.
“We are doing multiple cancers and disease all throughout the year and Relay for Life at the end so it’s not just about Relay for Life,” said Hildebrand.
So far the club has approximately 30 members, meetings are held twice a month, the meeting days depend on scheduling but are held in room 505 in the morning and after school.
The student officers are Hildebrand, the Vice Presidents are Ryan Clark and Jasmine Black, the Vice Presidents of Public Relations are Ashley Beck and Halle Moore, the Secretary is Emerald Piest, the Treasurer is Eric Trinh, and the Technical Administrator is Ryan Siazon.
“This semester is Leukemia, Breast Cancer, Diabetes and Phoenix’s Children’s Hospital,” said Simon, language arts teacher.
The Finding the Cure Club has successfully raised money to the Leukemia Foundation in Ian Burton’s name and organized the orange orange out at OHS on September 26.
Ian Burton is a senior at OHS and son of Jim Burton an OHS chemistry teacher. Ian Burton was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on April 2, 2014.
“We are doing good, thinking very positive, his prognosis is really good. Things are going well, so we’re happy.” Said Jim Burton.
With Ian’s diagnosis, the reasons to spread awareness and raise money have never been more important for OHS students.
“I joined this club because I want to spread awareness and start fundraisers so people know the diseases and so we can make our community brighter,” said Jasmine Black, club vice president and junior at OHS.
For the month of October the club will be raising awareness for Breast Cancer.
“I started this club because of Relay for Life and my family has been affected by cancer so I like to do as much as I can,” said Hildebran.
Last month the club was focused on raising awareness for Leukemia, using events like the orange out to raise awareness around campus.
“Our year long goal is to raise awareness for various life threatening diseases and cancers,” said Simon.
The goal of the club is to provide the campus with the opportunity to give back and raise awareness of serious illnesses.
“I hope to help everyone that has been affected by cancer, to show that there are people out there trying to help and make a difference to help them out. When they need support we will show them support,” Hildebrand said.