Ted Lasso scores a goal with the audience

Jackson Morgan, Editorial Chief

DISCLAIMER: This show is rated TV-MA. The Talon does NOT encourage students to watch this show without parent approval.

“Ted Lasso” is a new series by Apple TV that has quickly become an award winning T.V. show with phenomenal acting and a great storyline. Ted Lasso has won four Emmys, a Golden Globe, and countless other awards. It is truly one of the greatest masterpieces from Apple TV.

“Ted Lasso” follows the story of an American football coach who is hired to coach a British premier league soccer team, AFC Richmond. Unbeknownst to him, the owner of the club has hired him to make the team fail. She is doing this to target her ex-husband as the soccer team was the only thing he truly loved.

The TV series is not only about soccer and the hilarious challenges that Ted Lasso faces, but the show also addresses serious personal and societal problems in a lighthearted manner. The show deals with many challenges such as PTSD and depression.

The show starts off with Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, arriving in England with his assistant coach, Coach Beard, played by Brendan Hunt. It is evident he knows nothing about the game of soccer by the manner in which he conducts himself during the press conference. This is a hilarious comedic punchline throughout the whole series. The journalists in the room start to harass him, yet one journalist, Trent Crimm, played by James Lance, is the most noticeable and will reappear countless times throughout the series.

Lasso is then introduced to the team which is a melting pot. There are people from diverse cultures and many different countries. They are led by soccer legend Roy Kent, played by Brett Goldstein, who is going into his last season before retirement. There is also one other noticeable athlete: the star athlete, Jamie Tartt, played by Phil Dunster. Tartt is a young stud that is fairly new to the premier league and has a massive ego. Lasso makes it his mission to mold Tartt into a team player.

Going into the season, virtually nobody has faith in Lasso, not even the players on the team. Ted Lasso had to prove himself to everyone that cheered for AFC Richmond. Over the course of the season, he does not have much success on the pitch, yet off the pitch he brings unity to the team that before was so divided. Although their star player, Jamie Tartt gets kicked off the team which will prove to be a questionable decision.

Closer to the end of season, the owner of the club has a change of heart for her attitude towards the team after she realizes the colossal mistake she has made of sabotaging her team. However, it is too late into the season when she starts to make an effort to win and AFC Richmond is relegated to the championship league.

Although AFC Richmond is relegated, not all hope is lost as in the next season they have a chance for promotion back to the premier league. Joining the coaching staff is retired soccer player, Roy Kent, as well as promoted towel boy, Nathan Shelly, played by Nick Mohammed. The team is going into the season not only as a team, but as a family. This sends a great message to the viewers and gives us a new perspective on how sports teams really are.

Ted Lasso has proved itself to be a phenomenal show that has sports, comedy, and drama all in one. It seems as if it will be a long living series as the ratings are great and it is the perfect show to either binge watch or casually watch.