Cold War fails to live up to the hype

Conner Stegen, Staff Writer

Another year and another Call Of Duty. “Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War” is the newest installment in the series. It set up very high expectations following an okay game in Modern Warfare 2019. It brings about the return of zombies, the first COD to include them since Black Ops 4.

One of the first things that happened was the game took two days to download. It may have been an issue with Blizzard servers, but the game kept glitching and would not install. It took two and a half days to download 98 gigabytes . When Modern Warfare took maybe a day to download with 200 gigabytes so there was a huge gap in data to download and it took a much longer to actually start playing the game . 

The glitches even continued when actually playing the game. It kicks the player out multiple times just on its own, forcing a restart for the program. It also happened when players tried to get into parties only to have them get kicked from the party, just so they could watch cut scenes to introduce them into the gamemodes when they just wanted to start playing the game. It also takes about 10 minutes just to download the shader packs which just adds to the amount of time between buying the game and playing the game.

Now, when the players get into the gameplay, it’s fun but not a great multiplayer. There are way too many overpowered guns. The mp5, ak74u, and m16 are just a few guns that are completely broken right now. Also the installment of skill based matchmaking is one of the worst installments in the game. 

One of the things players loved about some other Call Of Duty was the sniping. But in Cold War, sniping is atrocious overall and has the slowest aim down sights speed in any Call Of Duty in history, as well as the smallest one shot kill hitbox ever. It is so hard to have fun sniping without camping in the back of the map. you can’t get a shot off to kill someone because they kill you just as fast as it takes you to aim down sights. The multiplayer has its highs and lows, It all varies game to game, map to map, which is not a great spot to be in. 

The gamemode “Zombies” returns in Cold War where players engage in an endless cycle of killing zombies with either friends or random players.The gamemode is great, and arguably the best Zombies since Black Ops 3. It’s incredibly fun because it’s an easy way to level up guns and players are able to build their own class with perks. It is more of a challenge than other Zombies but it’s one hundred percent more captivating and keeps gamers engaged at all times. There is so much to enjoy and will certainly bring players back to the days of Black Ops 2 and 3. Overall it’s probably the best gamemode to play by far, based on the features and incentives players get from it. 

The campaign or story mode, is also a phenomenal addition to the game. campaigns have not been as rewarding since Black Ops 2. This campaign contained a great story line that kept players wanting to play more. The gameplay was well constructed because it kept a good balance between player interaction and cutscenes. Fans will love the addition of President Reagan and his effect on the storyline, fitting well into American history Overall, the campaign is something players will love. 

While there are many flaws in the game, the storyline is well defined and the Zombies will keep fans playing for hours.The multiplayer is fun with friends but it definitely varys from game to game. Players had high expectations going into Cold War but it did not deliver everything they wanted it.