The trial must go on for the OHS Theatre Club


Photo by Katie Caccavale

Delan Hafeed, junior, pretends to smoke during the play.

Katie Caccavale, Staff Writer

Suspense and excitement to figure out what the final verdict could be is exactly what the OHS senior play, 12 Angry Men and Women, gave their audience. With true crime and an investigation right in front of you, the audience was left on the edge of their seats and looking forward to what could happen next.

This play was a recreation of the drama production called 12 Angry Men written by Reginald Rose. The case was about a young adult who had killed their parent and the juror is tasked with deciding if the suspect is guilty or innocent of homicide. This play was well-developed and performed and the hard work from everyone who was involved was easy to see. This revealed to the audience that they cared a lot about how the show would come out and how it would be seen from the audience’s perspective.

Since the cast was made up of the Drama Club’s senior class, the love for acting and theatre was shown throughout the play in the lines and motions that were performed. The audience could definitely see the devotion and love of acting and theatre in the actors’ performance.

With the play being split up into two casts, the actors were given almost the same script. But to keep it interesting, the atmosphere and chemistry between the characters were slightly changed.

Therefore, it was really refreshing to go watch a play twice and see how each character changes due to the genders being switched. You can really see the personality and connection develop as the play grows deeper into the plot.

The only major difference between each play was the change in the character’s personality and mood throughout the dialogue. However, the emotions towards other characters were the same for both plays. It was also nice to see the differences between the outfits for females and males during that specific time period.

Moving onto the cast,the placement of the characters and who played them were well decided and made the show even more entertaining. You could absolutely see the time spent in developing the chemistry between the character and the actor. That chemistry is one way that the audience can get so drawn into the show.

12 Angry Men and Women was much more interesting and captivating than previously thought.. This was different since there were no vocal/singing roles; it was all dialogue. The cast and everyone involved definitely gave the audience a reason to come back and watch it again.

This was definitely a play to go see. Even if the first time you watched it, it was all males. It just made you want to go back and see the female cast. 12 Angry Men and Women was overall well-performed and presented. The performance was full of conflict, in the beginning, but in the end, they all agreed on the final verdict of the case.